Thursday – The day of Fauna around Nerva.

Today we woke up with green and yellow pen on our faces. When we brush our teeth, we see drawing on our faces. This was monitors who play the games in the night. Then we talking on Skype to Matthew in Scotland. He tell us about Fauna and Flora questions in Scotland. It was interesting. After, we played the human crane. We make a money bag from leather and we make a bracelet from the same material. Then we go to the slack-line to practice balance and we make the shapes of animals from wood. It was like a puzzle! This was my favourite morning activity. Later, in the afternoon, we go to the camp and relax and tidy the bedrooms. Fifteen minutes we have to pick up everything. Later, we have more activities like playing archery, and paintball and back to camp to do blowpipes and darts. We finish activities and went with our teachers to do workshops. I am tired after a very good day!

Carlos Domínguez Cerro

Wednesday – The day of Flora @ Doña Doñana

Today the monitors got us up by tickling in the face with wigs. It was very funny. Then, we ate breakfast. After that we spoke with a girl from Manchester. This was very fun. She tell us about the flora, the weather and how many people are there in Manchester. Next, we went to Doñana and we did activities like crossing rope bridges, we saw a museum about the Lynx and we climbed a pine tree. Then we came back to the camp in Nerva and we made a bag with aromatic plants and a poster with leaves. And after we will have a shower and then we eat dinner. Today was more fun for me because I love the flora of Doñana!

Ángela Maria Salado Rodríguez

Tuesday – The day of Earth; Activities around Nerva.

Today was the day of earth. In the morning we talk with a person in Australia. A typical thing of Australia is a boomerang and a typical instrument is didgeridoo. A typical food of Australia is a iguana. They take one, hit it, then cook on fire. It was interesting to learn about Australia. After skype we went to do the cycle-cars. We raced two teams and we were winners. Then we went climbing. I liked it a lot. After we played team-building at the station in Nerva. My favourite game was the crazy tubes. You have to work together! In the afternoon we did orienteering. For this we have a map and we walk to specific zones. In some place was a rose bush, the train station, the mining carts etc. Sometimes we play a game there, and sometimes a word to write down there. It was good to learn to use maps. I liked the day lots!

Pablo Blázquez Periáñez

Monday – The day of Water @ “La Peña de Hierro”

Today we went for a walk around the mine “peña de hierro”. It was a long walk. We go with our friends and saw a lot of weird stones. We learned that they have a lot of minerals, and they are very interesting. There are a lot of wheels from trucks and other vehicles in the water. We learned that they contaminate the environment a lot. They are from trucks that were mining a long time ago. Later we see a strange rock that appears to be fused with others. When we stopped at the look-out point we ate  lunch and drank a lot of water. We saw the water in the mine too, it has the colour of blood or wine. Later, when we go back, we saw a big explosion on another mine. It was awesome! Just before we got on the bus to go home, we went down from the road and we saw a little river which has the same colour as the rocks – yellow and red. This was “Rio Tinto”, it was very, very interesting. When we go back to home after the walk we were all tired, but we had a good day and we learnt a lot of interesting things!

Robin Gonzalez Anton.