The Best Friday of My Life

IMG_20170609_123156This morning we have get up at nine o´clock with a police alarm. Monitors have enter the room with paintball guns and all people were scared. Almost me and my room.

After breakfast we went in Nerva village and we have make a photos raid. They have gave us a paper with the photos that we must take. The funniest one was when we read that we had to take a picture with a bald person, shame and scary too. Later we retrun to camp to eat. The food was so nice, but the best was dessert, an ice cream.

When these ends Peppa Pig came to our room to sais to us we have to tidy up our room. She give us a 10!

Now, I will explain how my first penalty in footbal here in Andevalo. Today after Peppa Pig I have scored a gol. The work with our teacher was not bad, we have maked our roll play to all childrens, monitors and teachers. And finally I´m here written this blog. My favourite things of the week was: make new friends, paintball and climbing.

Rosalía Ubeda Ferón

A Great Day

PTDC0365Today we were sleeping and a lot of classmates wake up me shouting:  someone write this on my leg! It might be a monitor I thought but then the classmate of the other school were also written and I was a little confused. Next we went to the dining room to have breakfast and talked about it! It might be impossibke that a child wrote all this names and then Yolanda said; the room 14 and 11 didn´t get written on because they don´t shouted but Juan came in our room two times.

Activities: First the yellow group went to the forrest to play paintball with Helen and Mike, this is the activity that I like the most because I practice paintball in Almeria.

Then we went on a workshop with Emma and I made a ugly bracelet! Also my bff Arnoldo made the more beautiful bracelet in the world and I was : OMG, I can´t believe it.After this we do a human crane and the harness was so tight but it was funny!

Carlos ( Charlie) Abad Camacho 

A Funny Tuesday



This morning we go to skype room and we talk with Helen, an Australian monitor of the camp. Then, we go to make some activities outside the camp. We climb abd we drove with the cycle cars. We make some activities inside the camp too. I was very scary when I climb, but then I feel well. I like the cars too.

Inside the camp we make three tips of games: jump in sacs, walking in skis and we play with tubes. It was so funny.

In the afternoon we go ithout monitors for make an orientation game. We need to follow some maps. Then, we go to make Pecha-Cucha.

Alvaro, on epartner of my team was climbing an enormous rock, and we go for the malked walk. He falls off th rock and he tries again. He was funny because we watching and he falls again and again.

Yolanda Sánchez


Party Water


Today we woke up at 9 o´clock with a water party. It means that the monitors woke us up with music and bottles of water to ourselves. Then we changed our clothes and were in a walk to see different seas and rivers for example. We saw many types of minerals like pyrite . The walk was a little bit hard, but I like this type of walks. The teachers gave us a camera to each one of the teams, I took some too.

During the trip, the monitors explain us some interesting things about the mines that extract the minerals. I think that the mines was scary because they look old and ancient. In the top the monitor tell us about the chimney that protects miners from the mortal gases.

When we went back to the camp we did a fantastic ¨party water¨, again. Then we work in a job for the problems in Earth like, contamination, problems on the environment…. Then we did a choose ceremony to select the photos for this blog.

I think that today was the best day I ever had in months, the video was a little bit boring because of the problems in the computer.


Gabriel Villanueva Guillén

Human Impact Day

This morning I got up at 8:45am and I talked with Nuria.  Then a few minutes later Anna open the door with a paintball´s gun because today is the human impact day.

After breakfast I bought a T-Shirt for me and Ana and some more things.  Later we went to the town and I took a lot of photos with old people.  It was very hot and I bought water and sweets.  It was very enjoyable.

I ate very good and take a lot, later at 16:00pm we had got class and we paint a lot, then we do “PechaKucha” and look at photos and in the night we will read about the photos.

Today is one of the best days of my life because we signed our T-shirts.

By Therese del Carmen Kaba Ortega

My Fun Thursday

Thursday 1st June 2017 (Fauna Day)

This morning Charlie went to my room and say “get up”, I was ready and awake!

The first activity was Leather, and I made a purse, I liked it.  Afterwards, I went to the Human Crane, the people were heavy but I enjoyed it a lot.  After, I went to Paintball, it was very hot, but funny.

This afternoon I tidied up my room before Peppa Pig came, and after I played with the water, it was amazing.

My favourite activity was the Archery, but I hit the black.  I´m feeling very good after this day, and today my face is painted half a bee and half a cat.

By Adrián López de Haro

Another Wonderful Day in Andévalo

Today is Flora Day and this morning we woke up with music and a competition of which room could get to the meeting point first with red clothes on.

This afternoon we went to Doñana, a national park and my favourite part was the characteristics of the Lynx – which was presented by the amazing and wonderful EEEmmaaa! – because she´s got amazing presenting skills, and because it´s one of my favourite animals.  We also learn´t the song of “Mighty Mighty Andévalo”.

I enjoy it here so much here because all the monitors are really funny and very nice.  I´ll be very upset to go back to school.

By Obi Evan Thomas Roberts