English Adventure Camp!

Hello, we would like to talk about the English adventure camp in Andevalo.

On the first day we went to the lake and we did two activities there: rappel and kayak.

Rappel is a impressive  activitiy because it is a different activity. You must put on a helmet and harness for your safety. A  monitor help you when you down. We think that this activity it’s very funny and interesting. We like so much.

Kayak is an activity that you need  a lot of energy because you must move the kayak. You need a kayak and paddle. We think that two sports are very funny  and different.

In the afternoon, we did the human elevator and paintball. The material was heavy but we had lots of fun. At night we had the Pirates Velada and we  played a game with two groups passing the message while the other group made noise.

Today, we woke up and had breakfast together. Then, we did the morning activities. Orienteering is a game that we must find the flags with a map and make a phrase. It was a little bit difficult and tiring because you walk a lot and it was hot. Our favourite part was the “rely race” in the swimming pool. After lunch, we went to the swimming pool and had a snack.

Later,  we did some activities. The best one were the zip line and the boxes elevator. The zip line was great and fast.

Tonight, the little kids are playing different games in the swimming pool for the “Earth – Andevaland” velada.

The experience in Andevalo is very very fun and we are learning a lot of English.

Rodrigo Carranza, Alejandra Amaya, Elena Bayo, Teresa Limon, Alvaro Amaya.


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