Tuesday – The day of Earth

Today the monitors woke up with an earthquake. Later we ate breakfast – I had colacao and cookies.

Later we went to the climbing wall and cycle cars. We climbed a big wall and we rang a bell. In cycle cars the monitor explained how we put on the helmet and I raced three times, and I lost all of them. But it was fun anyway.

In the camp we played some games called team-building. The planks we used and finally I did a race with sacks, and Ursula and me, we won. My favourite game was the planks. I have fun in the day.

In the afternoon we played an orienteering game. The monitors give a map and we go to these places. We need to find flags. The flags had a word or a mini-game. If you go to a monitor it was for a game. I liked it.

Miriam Pajuelo Benammi

Monday – The day of Water @ “La Peña de Hierro”

Today we went for a walk around the mine “peña de hierro”. It was a long walk. We go with our friends and saw a lot of weird stones. We learned that they have a lot of minerals, and they are very interesting. There are a lot of wheels from trucks and other vehicles in the water. We learned that they contaminate the environment a lot. They are from trucks that were mining a long time ago. Later we see a strange rock that appears to be fused with others. When we stopped at the look-out point we ate  lunch and drank a lot of water. We saw the water in the mine too, it has the colour of blood or wine. Later, when we go back, we saw a big explosion on another mine. It was awesome! Just before we got on the bus to go home, we went down from the road and we saw a little river which has the same colour as the rocks – yellow and red. This was “Rio Tinto”, it was very, very interesting. When we go back to home after the walk we were all tired, but we had a good day and we learnt a lot of interesting things!

Robin Gonzalez Anton.